Sunday, 27 February 2011

DroidDOS WIP03 b.27022011 - waiting for some hero :)

Oh, if i guess right, the whole issue with garbled screen on higher res devices is due to this simple formula: 360-104 = 256. What a bummer :). Now build, that hopefully fixes it, is now awaiting for some hero here.


  1. THX!!!

    I Live is APP!!!

    and this software can be published in the Google market it?

    there will be more people like it!

  2. It still crashes on the Droid X. Would you like a LogCat of it?

  3. jun4rui: does it mean it works for you now? even with higher display size?
    Matt: yes, logcat might be very helpful, thanks!

  4. works like a charm :)

  5. Dave: gr8, thanks for the info. It was quite an obvious bug, shame on me :/

  6. That's ok. If nobody tells you the bug is there, then it's hard to fix :)

    Btw, what can i do when droiddos freezes? I know that when there's a crash i can copy the logcat, but is that also the case when a freeze occurs? How can i report these issues to you?

  7. tomaswoj:It now works great!
    However, after each set to re-enter, will lead to crash, but re-entered just fine.

  8. Here's the log of the crash:

    Just FYI, my phone is a Moto Droid X, Froyo 2.2

  9. Matt, from the logcat it looks it cannot find dosbox.conf in /sdcard directory (so /sdcard/dosbox.conf). Are U sure you have put that file (from *.zip archive) into this directory on your phone? Otherwise, with the current DroidDOS S/W, it will not work. My code currently assumes, you have /sdcard/dosbox.conf file. Please double check it.

  10. This is so GREAT ! Now installing on Galaxy Tab 7´´ - hope its working fine..

    Always wanted this ! THX ALOT!!

  11. ..does not run under Samsung Galaxy Tab. Screen opens and Tab vibrates once, than 3 times. App closes. What shall i do ?

  12. Hi Anonymous, can U please double check you have dosbox.conf file (you need to take it from one of previous *.zips on that blog, as 27022011 build was just for download as plain *.apk file) on your phone/tab in /sdcard/ folder. If not - that is the likely reason for fail. Anyway seems i need to add some check upfront, that will display a nice dialog box, whenever this file is missing. So You will see a nice indicator, what possibly went wrong, when DroidDos fails to start.


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