Friday, 15 July 2011

All of the sudden....WIP04_b15072011 comes

Here it comes. Just the apk file (take dosbox.conf from some previous downloads). It brings:
  • fix for DroidDos occasional crashes on GFX mode switches (i.e. in Ishar 3 at startup, or in Contrast demo by Oxygene) - its a dirty fix, but works...
  • refactored UI, taken from DroidMac, with scrollable keyboard panels, easier GUI configuration (key sizes, etc.).
The next one (if it comes) will be probably WIP05 :).

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Seriously distracted...

by this... . If there is someone around here who would like to move DroidDos forward - let me know, i will pass the whole source code. I may not be able to handle two ports effectively in parallel in my spare time.

Ahhh, and btw. got my Defy, and im not sure what they put exactly inside it, but ARMv7 comparing to my old LG Swift, wow, just wow.....

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Awaiting for Defy.... WIP04.b.26032011 comes :)

Well, i'm still waiting for my Moto Defy. Also hectic days recently so had not that much time to play with this robot. But I did some steps towards WIP04. And here comes a very early, probably buggy, and just for brave souls build (apk only) that brings:
  • support for vertical AND horizontal layouts (switchable in GUI settings, and you need to restart app to take it into effect, please note - that if horizontal/vertical is chosen, would be nice to hold phone properly/accordingly prior droiddos start :)),
  • support for large DOS screen area, up to 640x400 (in horizontal), YES, finally its there :).
  • in horizontal mode, central area of the screen can be used as mousepad,
  • shrinked/paged modes can be switched now without restarting.
  • filtering (smooth/sharp) can be switched without restart,
  • rewrote some dosbox level screen copy stuff, so we may get some speedup here (as most of copying/resizing/cropping is done on OpenGL ES level now :)).

It's not yet finished, not much tested, may crash, etc. so be warned, but wanted to post it anyway, just to let you know this project is not dead :). I expect the more stable version to come within a week.

Download link.

As usual, any feedback appreciated.

UPDATE: i played a bit with this build on my device, and it crashes badly really often, seems to happen on GFX mode switches (i sniff some leaks). Thus, if you are really eager to test it and dont mind crashes - got for it. If not, better stick to the previous build. In the meantime i will work on the fixes.

Friday, 4 March 2011

DroidDOS WIP03.b.04032011 - quick build ready to pickup

A quick build is available (just .apk file), that brings:
  • ARMv7 build (fat binary, including support for both ARMv5 and ARMV7a) - maybe some performance improvements here??
  • some experiments with optimization flags in general (-O3 instead of -Os)
  • fixed "~" issue
  • added larger Dos Window Area for tablets (600x450), but again , its still 320x240 but just upscaled to larger area, it will be helpful however for 320x240 games on larger displays.

File available here.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

DroidDOS WIP03.b.02032011- available for download

Hi All,

So here comes the next version that brings some enhancements/bug fixes:
  • larger dos window area now works (tested on several WVGA and qHD devices, shots above)
  • crash on every 2nd run is eliminated, assuming that you exit DroidDOS gently by using Options->Exit (and not Home, nor Back). Otherwise it is still there.
  • added an Alert Dialog - when dosbox.conf is not present in /sdcard/dosbox.conf
  • added some text indicators (in .,?! layout) on cycles and frameskip (assuming that you dont touch cyclesup/down in dosbox.conf :)).
Available for download here.

So the next one will probably be WIP4 (mid/end of March). Some hints on what to expect:
  • support for multiple keyboard layouts at the same time (i.e. tpad + dpad) - for larger screen devices
  • support for larger dos window than current 320x240.
Thanks to All who managed to run it so far, and give comments/feedback/logs/screenshots.

And speaking of which, the above ones: GalaxyTab (donated by Andreas), HTC Desire (Gingerbread 2.3, donated by Dave). Thanks guys!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

DroidDOS WIP03 b.27022011 - waiting for some hero :)

Oh, if i guess right, the whole issue with garbled screen on higher res devices is due to this simple formula: 360-104 = 256. What a bummer :). Now build, that hopefully fixes it, is now awaiting for some hero here.

Friday, 25 February 2011

WIP03 build 25022011 - available for download.

Some fixes/enhancements:
  • "l" now works :)
  • keyboard shall now work in games (there were problems especially with keypad + space/enter/escape). Now things like wolf3d or Doom shall work fine (with respect to keyboard, not general speed :))
  • Android CPU load meter added, helps control cycles (i.e. too high dosbox cpu cycles level may overload the phone, and make the emulation to slowdown).
Download this version here.

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