Saturday, 26 March 2011

Awaiting for Defy.... WIP04.b.26032011 comes :)

Well, i'm still waiting for my Moto Defy. Also hectic days recently so had not that much time to play with this robot. But I did some steps towards WIP04. And here comes a very early, probably buggy, and just for brave souls build (apk only) that brings:
  • support for vertical AND horizontal layouts (switchable in GUI settings, and you need to restart app to take it into effect, please note - that if horizontal/vertical is chosen, would be nice to hold phone properly/accordingly prior droiddos start :)),
  • support for large DOS screen area, up to 640x400 (in horizontal), YES, finally its there :).
  • in horizontal mode, central area of the screen can be used as mousepad,
  • shrinked/paged modes can be switched now without restarting.
  • filtering (smooth/sharp) can be switched without restart,
  • rewrote some dosbox level screen copy stuff, so we may get some speedup here (as most of copying/resizing/cropping is done on OpenGL ES level now :)).

It's not yet finished, not much tested, may crash, etc. so be warned, but wanted to post it anyway, just to let you know this project is not dead :). I expect the more stable version to come within a week.

Download link.

As usual, any feedback appreciated.

UPDATE: i played a bit with this build on my device, and it crashes badly really often, seems to happen on GFX mode switches (i sniff some leaks). Thus, if you are really eager to test it and dont mind crashes - got for it. If not, better stick to the previous build. In the meantime i will work on the fixes.


  1. Using a G2. This build seems to work well. The crash on returning to the application a second time appears to have been resolved, which is phenomenal news.

    I have been having issues with changing the dos window size, but under the assumption I'm simply doing something wrong...

    About the only thing I could ask for is a way to "pause" the emulation, at this point.

  2. Update: Setting DOS screen size to anything other than HVGA results in blank screen and a crash if I blind-type commands to start up Telengard.

    Works fine in HVGA though, just a little... small...

  3. Update 2: The dosbox.conf in my sdcard root was corrupted. I replaced with a version from a previous droiddos package and all seems to be well.

  4. Anonymous/G2: so after dosbox.conf fix were you able to start droidos in horizontal mode with 640x400 screen? Also does it work for you in portrait mode and larger dos screen area (i.e. WVGA)? I was able to 'test' it only using emulator, as i dont have WVGA device (yet).
    Thanks for the feedback so far!

  5. G2 is a 800x480 device I believe. I went ahead and logged in so you'd actually have a name to refer to.

    Landscape works, has some issues.
    Like your example photo, I can't see full keyboard in landscape. All I have is QWER on the QWERTY row. Other than that it looks precisely like your picture above with a big, readable DOS window.

    On-device keyboard doesn't work, which is a shame, otherwise I could fire up bard's tale or telengard.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for your work, and wish all the best to this awesome project. Who knows, maybe soon enough I will be able to fire up dos games on my HTC inspire:)

  7. Great work!
    Unfortunately on my device (generic chinese freescale imx515 based tablet) WIP04 keeps displaying alert about lack of dosbox.conf... even if copied from WIP03 (which works, somewhat ;) ). I can see it is actually being loaded in the background behind the alert - clearly something wrong with it.

    Also, my tablet has nice standard 4:3 SVGA resolution, would it be possible to support such resolutions (either SVGA or VGA) in the (distant or not) future?

  8. For some reason it's impossible to type 'L' :-)

  9. L seems to work fine on my device.

    I wish the scroll pad were mapped to arrow keys though. Is that possible?

  10. @BrianK: you mean to simulate mouse movements by H/W arrow keys? Or to simulate mouse movements by virtual/on screen touch arrow keys?

    If the latter - then yep, doable, and will consider this. If the former - honestly i wanted to disconnect from H/W and do all the keybo stuff onscreen, to avoid all the cases with fragmentation. So for now, not considered, but in a future, who knows :).

  11. Can anyone help me to find a valid dosbox.conf please?

  12. Thanks found it in an older zip file, thanks so much for your hard work

  13. Sergio, glad you found it. Sorry for lack of reply, but I am a bit busy recently, and not looking at the blog that often.

  14. Outstanding work! I'm looking forward to play Might&Magic RPG series all over again! :)
    There is one small thing I'd like to mention:
    I cannot see the DPad button in landscape mode on My Galaxy S. I guess horizontal resolution is too low. Maybe there is a way to shorten the labels inside buttons or put some simple icons instead?

  15. Dosbox is a GPL software application.

    Do you plan on publishing your source?

  16. Shortly: YES! But until I do this I would like finish all the planned major dev works + do some cleanup/refactorings. If you insist, I can send it ASAP to you :). At the moment the code is soo dirty (done in a fast and clumsy way), that I would rather keep it secret for now :)

  17. That's reassuring.

    There are too many half-finished ports of various GPL emulators out there WITHOUT source available...

    The Ultimate Amiga Emulator for Android is one.

  18. Very nice project, but I am unable to use this app, I tried to install it and tried to install previous versions, but the Dosbox.conf file is always missing. Maybe this is because I didn't root my MyTouch 3G? Could you please upload a dosbox.conf file so I'll be able to copy it to my SD card and use the app?
    Thank you!

  19. @Anonymous

    Download the DroidDOS WIP03.b.02032011 build, in the zip file is a dosbox.conf file included.

  20. Thank you, I downloaded it and found the file. May G-D bless you.
    Now my problem is low speed, I don't know how to configure the numbers (CPU cycles, etc.) to make them best fit my needs. What are the best numbers of frameskip and CPU cycles, and what about CPU core?
    Thank you for trying to help

  21. Just got me a T-Mobile G-Slate (LG Optimus Slate), newest build seems to work ok for me even at the highest resolution with buttons on as large as they can be. However the touchpad performance is REALLY laggy, sometimes barely moves the mouse when I swipe all the way across the pad. I agree that just using the touchscreen for the mouse input would be great! Keep up the great work on this project, I am really looking forward to getting Master of Orion working smoothly on my tablet :)

  22. Nothing going on here... if you want DOSBox with proper virtual keyboard, try one of these two:

    AnDOSBox (best and by far fastest port, ~2,85 €):

    aDOSBox (best free DOSBox port):

  23. While it runs, its pretty much unusable on my handset - a Samsung Galaxy Pro. It wont accept the built in keyboard, and nor will it display in landscape


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