Friday, 4 March 2011

DroidDOS WIP03.b.04032011 - quick build ready to pickup

A quick build is available (just .apk file), that brings:
  • ARMv7 build (fat binary, including support for both ARMv5 and ARMV7a) - maybe some performance improvements here??
  • some experiments with optimization flags in general (-O3 instead of -Os)
  • fixed "~" issue
  • added larger Dos Window Area for tablets (600x450), but again , its still 320x240 but just upscaled to larger area, it will be helpful however for 320x240 games on larger displays.

File available here.


  1. hi, you're doing an impressive code job, i've managed to play Fallout1 on the next release, will try this one today ( hard to wait). If you're looking for beta-tester contact me, i'm on galaxyS running froyo. Resolution higher than 320x240 will be a great step.

  2. It woud be excelent shrinking up to QVGA resolution. Otherwise very good job. I can run app, but I dont see keyboard layout.

  3. Oooops. Unfortunately QVGA is not to be supported - sorry! Minimum res supported is HVGA.

  4. I just discovered this project. Amazing work! Now if I only had a more powerful phone, instead of the ZTE Blade... Still, Master of Orion is playable enough.

  5. really nice work Mr tomaswoj :)
    just one issue with the display..I have the lg optimus one running froyo 2.2, 320*480. with default .conf file the display goes out of screen. When I remove the lines
    The whole screen fits but its too small to be readable clearly.
    Can you please help
    thnks :)

  6. I'm full of hope, but right now I can't bring up the touchpad!

    I'm using a T-Mobile Mytouch 4G, and while I can see the small dosbox window in the top left corner, and the grey bar full of various buttons, there is nothing more. Just a large black expanse where the keyboard ought to be. When I press the TPad button, it deselects itself and nothing else happens.

    I installed droiddos this way:

    took the complete zip file from the 2nd of this month, and installed it with andro.

    copied over the .conf file to the root directory of my sd card.

    -at this point, I was having this same problem, so...

    took the updated adk file from the 4th of this month. Installed it.

    Problem persists; droiddos runs but there's no keyboard at all to press so I can't do anything.

  7. Oh geez, I'm mildly retarded. All I had to do was hold down on the button a few seconds. Sorry; on the bright side, know that it works on a mytouch 4g

  8. A suggestion for easier access to the various input modes:

    Support a "swipe" gesture to rotate left/right through the various input modes. Would be much faster and more convenient than the long-press method.

    Also, a dedicated "arrow" key row on the standard keyboard would be GREAT. Sort of like the HTC sense keyboard arrows:

  9. I was wondering if there any way to enter the keymapper outside of ctrl+f1. I use a phone that currently doesn't support multitouch, hence I can't hit ctrl and f1 at the same time. I know in dosbox you can use a command line parameter, but don't think I can do something along those lines with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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