Sunday, 26 June 2011

Seriously distracted...

by this... . If there is someone around here who would like to move DroidDos forward - let me know, i will pass the whole source code. I may not be able to handle two ports effectively in parallel in my spare time.

Ahhh, and btw. got my Defy, and im not sure what they put exactly inside it, but ARMv7 comparing to my old LG Swift, wow, just wow.....

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My adventure with computers started with 3D graphics design. I did that mostly as part of so called 'demoscene' activities, attending computer parties, submitting my works to various contests, etc.
Then I switched my gears to computer programming and completed MSc in compsci, doing the design works in parallel, and working in the marketing dept for one of the biggest B2B software houses in Poland at that time - ComArch SA.
When I graduated - i moved to Motorola Solutions Inc (then simply Motorola Inc) - where i work as System Architect on mission critical public safety radio communication infrastructure.
I still play however with various other things, prototyping stuff, playing with porting emulators to Android, experimenting, learning all the time. See some links below...