Wednesday, 2 March 2011

DroidDOS WIP03.b.02032011- available for download

Hi All,

So here comes the next version that brings some enhancements/bug fixes:
  • larger dos window area now works (tested on several WVGA and qHD devices, shots above)
  • crash on every 2nd run is eliminated, assuming that you exit DroidDOS gently by using Options->Exit (and not Home, nor Back). Otherwise it is still there.
  • added an Alert Dialog - when dosbox.conf is not present in /sdcard/dosbox.conf
  • added some text indicators (in .,?! layout) on cycles and frameskip (assuming that you dont touch cyclesup/down in dosbox.conf :)).
Available for download here.

So the next one will probably be WIP4 (mid/end of March). Some hints on what to expect:
  • support for multiple keyboard layouts at the same time (i.e. tpad + dpad) - for larger screen devices
  • support for larger dos window than current 320x240.
Thanks to All who managed to run it so far, and give comments/feedback/logs/screenshots.

And speaking of which, the above ones: GalaxyTab (donated by Andreas), HTC Desire (Gingerbread 2.3, donated by Dave). Thanks guys!


  1. Dont give hints for next version. I can´t sleep til than ;-)

  2. This version is very stable, is was able to install and play both F1GP and Rise of the Triad. But performance is really (really) bad. Offcourse, my HTC Desire is an ARMv7 device. So it is to be expected. I hope ARMv7 support will come soon.

    Feature requests:
    - scaling doesn't look very good. Text is not readable, could you include multiple scaling methods? for instance, smooth/sharp so people can choose which is best in the current situation.
    - reboot button. Now you have to quit and restart when you do a change in settings. Or when i crashes for instance. Or and alternative could be a popup when you come out of settings, with the question whether you want to restart to apply changes..
    - Custom keyboard layout. Some games require certain buttons, and with the current setup, these are not always on the same board. A custom board, where you could mark the keys you want could solve this.
    - use the touchscreen as mouse input, instead of the virtual touch pad.


  3. Hey, thanks for your comment on the XDA Nook Color boards tomaswoj. That was what I needed to get the screen to work. One bug report for you: The ~ key just does Enter and not ~ making it hard to deal with long folder names in dos. Couple feature requests: Can you add a way to do 2 keypresses like CTRL+Z, ALT+F4, etc. at the same time? And could you maybe add custom resolutions or landscape mode? The Nook Color has a 1024x600 screen and I'd like to get those last few pixels on there so I don't have to scroll.


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