Friday, 25 February 2011

WIP03 build 25022011 - available for download.

Some fixes/enhancements:
  • "l" now works :)
  • keyboard shall now work in games (there were problems especially with keypad + space/enter/escape). Now things like wolf3d or Doom shall work fine (with respect to keyboard, not general speed :))
  • Android CPU load meter added, helps control cycles (i.e. too high dosbox cpu cycles level may overload the phone, and make the emulation to slowdown).
Download this version here.


  1. HTC Desire(@CM7 RC-1) Dos Windows Size select 480x320 and 540x405 screen error appears in the
    DOS windows will be crazy

  2. Yes, thanks! I'm aware of that and working on this, but seems to be kind of hard, as I don't have anything else than HVGA device and emulator. And on emulator it all works fine :(.


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