Monday, 7 February 2011

DroidDOS WIP02 - available for download

So here it comes. Works in Progress version 02. Use it at your own risk :).

Some limitations:
- no hold button (that would result in multiple characters being typed on button hold) - will be fixed soon,
- no sound (speed :/)
- no dedicated ARMv7 build (for Nexus One, Droid, Defy, etc..) - also to be fixed soon
- occasional crashes.
- memory consumption is still kind of high (40-60MB of free RAM needed).
- no layout for special characters like ";,./()!? etc. - will be fixed soon.

Otherwise it seems to work quite nicely. Supports multiple screen sizes (configurable). Archive for download is here (Polish) or alternatively here:

Please, read carefully an attached *_readme.txt file. It describes all the nice things about GUI and such. Any comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Supports HVGA and WVGA (configurable via GUI settings in Options).

PS. source code WILL BE released as soon as I do some polishing on it. So far my efforts were focused on making it work.


  1. Hey, just wanna let you know I'm currently following your project..waiting for that ARM7 build!! :)

    Maybe you can put it on the market once you have some bugs worked out!! :D

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for the comment. What device You have? I've seen on one Milestone/Droid phone, that in larger DOS display modes than 320x240 the upper half of DOS screen was greyed out, I cannot reproduced it on the emulator though. So I wonder, if you possible have Droid, and how it works for you. Cheers.

  3. I have a Droid X. When I open the program it immediately crashes. I can see a few buttons that seem to be related to the keyboard, then it just crashes back to the home screen, happens in under a second. I can help test builds for you, if you'd like. I also have an Eris to test with.

  4. on xperia x10 mini 240 * 320 half qwerty, can not print, there is no solution (

  5. I have a D1 and right when it opens it the screen turns gray and then quits to homescreen. really love it can't wait to see if it gets ready

  6. Matt & Max: have you uploaded the dosbox.conf file to /sdcard? My experience was similar, when i had not dosbox.conf on my /sdcard/.

    It works just fine on Milestone emulator. Btw. WIP03 will be posted today or tomorrow. Lots of improvements, including some better OpenGL/display handling (that may solve your issues).


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