Tuesday, 1 February 2011

DroidDos WIP01 - some picture teaser :)

So its closer and closer. Some pictures from the works...

As you can see above (taken with ddms from my phone), there will be few input panes (Qwerty, for obvious reasons), T-Pad (Touchpad like), D-Pad (dpad arrows, and some handy buttons for more 'arcade style' games), possibly Shift (for shifted qwerty and some special characters). Also 2 types of dealing with larger screens. Paged (with moving window around the DOS screen, PL->PD buttons row will allow for 'sliding' this window in all directions), and shrinked (with hi-res screen basically shrinked to 320x240).

There will be some options menu, that will allow for setting sizes of buttons, configuring Dosbox emulator, etc.

Development is painfully slow now, as I have my priorites (job & family) :).

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