Tuesday, 22 February 2011

DroidDOS WIP03 - available for download.

So WIP03 comes. What has changed:
  • recompiled with dynamic core support (M-HT dynamic ARMv4 core, as in Dosbox 0.73+),
  • added dynamic core config to DOS options,
  • picked some Pelya's SDL port updates (around OpenGL/SDL integration) - most of crashes shall be now eliminated,
  • added special characters layout (including buttons for CPU cycles +/ and frameskip +/-)
  • arrows, space and fire (enter) in DPAD layout will now auto-repeat on hold (for more arcade style games),
  • some improvements in options menu (more cycles options, better button sizes, etc)

It can be downloaded from here (PL file hosting side). Non-polish D/L site will be posted later today.
Again, any comments appreciated.


  1. following the project closely. Looks very promising. Still not really working grat on my desire. But wip03 at least starts without crashing.

    One thing i would like to see is beter controls. I'd rather see you use the built in keyboard.

  2. Oh also, on my desire i cant see the line i'm typing, only the one above that.

  3. I'll just keep adding bugs here if you dont mind :)
    Please tell me how i can help with my screen not displaying properly, is there a log i can send?

    Other bug, the letter "L" on the virtual keyboard does not register. (found out when trying to start lemmings :P ) And what i said earlier. It not just the last line that is mising, about the 3 bottom lines fall off the screen.

  4. Hi Dave, first thanks for all the comments, and of course I do not mind you are posting bugs :) Especially when they are very valid (like with this "L", how the heck i missed that, its a simple bug i shall fix ASAP). On the built in keyboard, i simply ruled that out from design, as first i do not have such device (if you mean physical keyboard), and second, there is already adosbox port for such devices. Moreover, with standard Android 'virtual keyboard' it would be tricky to get things like F1-F10, or PgUP/PGDown, etc. So it will stay for now like this (sorry!) On the display/screen issues - i guess the best way to help would be taking screenshots of such scenarios (i.e. using ddms). In case of crashes, if they tend to happen exactly at the same app/place, then also ddms would help (in particular logcat text output). So you would have to download Android SDK, install it on your PC, and if crash re-occurs, or you want to take a screenshot - enable Debug mode on your phone (Settins->Applications->Programming->USB debugging), plug the phone via USB cable to your PC, and start ddms.

  5. Well, the crashes occour when i change resolution. When i restart, droiddos crashes the first time. When i start it a second time, everything is fine.

    About the screen: http://tinypic.com/r/sw74ld/7
    Here you see what i see on my device. The top is a bit screwed up, and the bottom is not showing. The keyboard is a big to high up (also it could be bigger, as the keys are VERY small atm).
    when i choose a differend keyboard, the screwed up bit changes a bit. So it probably originates from the keyboard or something. (seen here: http://tinypic.com/r/5tro8z/7 )

    My device is a HTC Desire on a Gingerbread (2.3) rom. (800x480 resolution)

  6. Ok, on missing lower part of the screen. Have you tried to touch (tap) lower part of the dos screen? It looks like you have paged view, so you have a window (320x200) into whole highres dos (640x400 or someting). So when tapping close to borders of DOS window, you shall be panning the view around. Please check it, it looks like this :)
    On upper part garbled - by accident do you have possibly any widgets on other screens (home screens) that run and use OpenGL?

  7. on buttons size - they are configureable in Options. Go to GUI Options -> Qwerty Size -> Very Large. And then press longer ABC (qwerty) - it then shall resize. Or r u already on very large range end in settings ? :)

  8. Ok, my bad. The screensize and keyboard are now fine. Im not really aware of a widget that uses openGL. Heres my homescreen with my widgets: http://tinypic.com/r/2wquxrl/7
    Now things look like this:

    Do you know which widgets could cause this?
    Also, im not sure the F1-10 keys register correctly, but i have no way to test this

  9. one more thing on this garbled screen. Can you try to change DOS Window Size to QVGA for now, and check (restart) if it gets any better? I know that it is not a solution, but if with QVGA it works, then the widget stuff could be ruled out.
    F1-F10 definitely work :) I tested that on Dos Navigator.

  10. QHD (540x405) same problem
    HVGA (320x240) looks perfect

  11. hmmm, good to know, thanks! i need to think now. sorry, but my capacity to this project is for obvious reasons a bit limited - thus do not expect a hot fix ASAP :). But maybe i can come up with something over next few days.

  12. In lemmings, i have to press F1 to start a 1player game. This does not register. i did manage to get to level 1 by pressing LMB and i finished level1 :) (it crashed a few times before i was succesfull) A reset button for DOS would be very welcome.

  13. Thats ok. I'm just happy to help. If you have time i could give you a 50point wishlist ;)

  14. on the key responsiveness - i would suggest starting with low cycles first (like 2000), and see how it works for you. if you overcycle (like 4500 or more) then it gets sluggish. on my lg gt540 i doubt I can go beyond 2500.


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